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Romerenting.comAt the very end of the Via is Palazzo Barberini, named after the ancient Roman princely family of the Barberini. The Palace is beautifully decorated. It contains some of the most important galleries of paintings in Rome and Italy. Walking uphill from the Palazzo one goes past two Churches particulary remarkable for their architecture and reaches Palazzo del Quirinale, once the Residence of the President of Italian Republic. It's open to visitors twice every month. Going downhill from Palazzo Barberini one enters, after a few metres, Piazza Barbenni, from which via Veneto, a fashionable well known avenue, starts. A short walk from Piazza Barberini leads to the famous Piazza di Spagna and to its steps. Going up these steps one reaches the Pincio garden and terrace: a magnificent panorama of Rome. Piazza di Spagna is also the starting point of a group of paralel streets (the best known is Via Condotti) where the most elegant shops of Rome are aligned: a sparkling row of showrooms of all kinds. At the end of these streets is Via del Corso : a walk along it leads to the Capitol, the Coliseum, the Foro and the whole archeological and historical area of the ancient Rome. Those who would prefer not to walk, may find in the nearby Piazza St. Silvestro the buses for the same destinations: they would get off at Piazza Venezia, which alone deserves a visit.

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